The College IT Management Group

(University of Cambridge)

Who we are

The College IT Management Group was created in 2003 to provide a collaborative environment for college IT staff who until that time worked in isolation. Since its inception the group has gained strong support from almost every one of the 31 colleges within the university. CITMG provides a platform on which to share problems, solutions, and ideals that stem from working in the diverse environment of this world class university.

The group has now grown to become the voice of the college IT community and acts as an important link to the other institutions within Cambridge University.

What we do

The CITMG is a self help group. We supply support to each other through formal and informal channels. The CITMG organise meetings once every few months in which to discuss issues that affect the colleges IT community. There is quite often a presentation or briefing by a representative from one of the various University projects that are ongoing. This is an ideal platform for those wishing to get information to the Colleges’ IT community.

CITMG also has the responsibility of putting up representatives for various University committees and College wide committees.

The CITMG also supports a number of topic groups. These groups spring from discussions at the full CITMG meeting and are designed to focus on specific areas of interest.

There is also a great deal of informal communication between College computing staff. CITMG has allowed people to meet regularly and to get to know each other, providing support and knowledge making work that bit easier. People networking is perhaps its most useful role.